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10 Great Content Ideas for your Articles, Blogs & Ezine

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Do you ever ask yourself, “how am I going to come up with fresh content?” Or have the dreaded writers block takeover and your wondering, “what in the heck am I going to write about?” Here is 10 content creation tips to get you moving.

1. Spend some time browsing through feedback and questions left in your comments or email. You will find a goldmine of ideas your readers will absolutely love. Do this frequently, jotting down your ideas onto your content task list.

2. Hot topics in your industry, what’s your take on it? What’s going on in your industry? Hot seminars, workshops and events your readers would like to hear about? Keep them in the know.

3. Review a favorite book, program or share some of your favorite resources that will be of interest and value to your peers.

4. Interview other people in your industry. Great for networking too.

5. Set up a special Q&A email addy. Encourage your readers to let you know what would be most helpful to them. Lots of gold nuggets can be found using this technique.

6. Visit LinkedIn Groups related to your industry. What questions are people asking?

7. Check out a few interesting podcasts and radio talk shows. What are they discussing and what is your take on it?

8. Write some tidbits about you and what you’re up to. You do not always want to talk about business related topics. Be entertaining, show your visitors you are actually a real person. Encourage your readers to share stories back. Engage. Build. Connect.

9. Write a How-To on something your industry would love to know. If your feeling a little more courageous get out the video camera and make a video. Let your personality shine.

10. How about starting a new weekly series on a topic that will have your visitors returning for more.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

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