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8 Obstacles That Will Kill Your Business

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8 of the top reasons you may not be moving forward in your business. It’s time to kick these bad habits.Start watching you and your business reach new levels. Thrive!

Fear – One of the main causes of fear is the fear of failure. The fear of failure often leaves us in a state of indifference, indecision & conservatism. When opting to stay within your comfort zone you playing it safe and letting fear win.

Contentment – Being satisfied with where you & your business are. Some people might consider this a great thing. I personally think it can hold you back from going even further. There is always things we can make better and take further. Growth is key.

Wasting Time – I do not know about you but when I am unfocused nothing gets done. Checking emails a gazillion times a day, messing around on Facebook all day long, tweeting up a storm. You get the picture. Wasting time leaves you zero room to try new things that will grow you & your business.

Outside Distractions – Falling into the never-ending pit of daily distractions. Phones, televisions, tablets, social media, etc. Distractions kill our creative workflow.

Overwhelm – This is a big one for many of us. Scheduling way to much on our task lists, working too many hours, saying yes when we really want & need to say no. Trying to get too much done and go on information overload mode. This stuff will frazzle your brain silly.

Close Mindedness – You got one way of thinking and its your way. That’s it period. No room for negotiations. Being close minded is just nasty. Especially when having discussions with your team or in the workplace. Close minded folks never go as far in business as those that have an open mind and listen. Listening is key.

Negativity – Negative people and situations leave our brain twisted in knots and put us in a fowl mood. We obviously cannot control the negative juju other people bring into our life. We can however, control how we react to it. If you choose to fed into it, your only hurting yourself & your business. Positive people & places are essential.

Perfectionism – Nobody is perfect! The clock is ticking & if you are always waiting for the perfect time, etc. to come along you could very well be killing your decision making ability and therefore giving your competitors the upper hand. Be the best you can be.

What obstacles are getting in the way of thriving your business?

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

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