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Smiles = Happiness and Success

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Smile! People love smiles, it gives them the warm fuzzies.
It says your confident. Smiling sells confidence and the person you are inside.

It changes your entire atmosphere, your body language, the tone in which your thinking and your ability in which you handle things. All huge factors in your business and personal life.

A smile also sparks curiosity in others. They wonder what you know and they don’t. Have you ever smiled and been asked, What’s going on? Why are you so happy? That’s the curious spark. It says, I know something that you do not or I have something that you do not.

People do not like to be around someone that always is frowning, down, negative and complaining. Why? It’s draining and brings you down. Bad juju that will rub off on you.
If you are one of those people. Stop now. Nobody wants to be around that.

People enjoy laughter and smiles and the want to be around others who exude that lifestyle and a smile definitely exudes it!

Smiling breaths new life into whatever you are doing and is so attractive to others.
It also makes you feel more attractive and let me tell you something, when you feel more attractive you look more attractive.

Do not wait for a cause to make you smile. Just smile. You have to be the cause and creator of situations. Walk into a room to change the room and not be changed by it. You establish the atmosphere, environment and ultimately the life you lead.

We are often lead by our feelings and emotions. It’s time to turn that around and lead our feelings. Smile, it contagious and changes everything.

When you wake up in the morning – smile.
When you are on the phone talking – smile.
When you are at the grocery store – smile.
When you are sitting at a traffic light – smile.

I want you to take a minute right now and smile. How do you feel?

Share your experiences in the comments below and if this resonated with you share with your friends. Let’s be the change in our own lives and smile.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

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