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Are You Struggling With Negative Self-Talk

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Stop the crap talk and give yourself permission to be great.

You control how your day and life is going to be. You are the author of your own story. Is you yours a fairy tale or a horror story?

For most of us we have a crap ton of negative self talk buzzing around in our heads. Lately, I have been working on the power of positive self talk and have seen so many changes in my personal life as well as my business.

You see words have the power to make or break us, they totally control our life.

Conquering the negative head chatter – The second negative self talk begins grab a frying pan a give yourself one good whack over the head. Problem solved right?

No, just kidding! Do not do that. I’m sure it works but you will have a whole other set of problems to deal with. Concussion, headache from hell, medical bills, etc.

When the negative talk starts you have to catch it & immediately turn it around. One great way to get yourself started if to put a rubber-band around your wrist and snap it when the crappy self talk begins –

Example of turning the negative self talk around-

I hate Mondays – I love Mondays! I get to decide how awesome this week is going to be.

I feel tired and do not want to do anything – I got loads of energy, get up and dance.

I’m a complete failure – I rock everything I do!

I’m ugly, unattractive and fat – Damn, I’m smokin hot! Alternatively – I’ LOVE myself just the way I am.

Then there is all those what if’s chattering about.

So & so’s business is so much better than mine – I love my business and nobody does it better than me!

How about all those what if conversations swirling around in your head?

What if people think I’m dumb?
What if people make fun of me?
What if people do not like me?

It is going to take practice and work but the results will change your life.

Same goes with the way we interact with people in our daily lives. Remember the words you choose will greatly affect your relationships and the know, like, trust factor. You can chose to compliment or criticize. Inspire or discourage. Be thankful for someone or take them for granted. Make a friend or gain an enemy. The choice is yours.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

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