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Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Etiquette

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Twitter is not just a social media time waster when leveraged for the long term to build relationships, partnerships & influence. It can open up a whole new world of opportunity for you and your business.

Get out there and join in on the conversation. Connect with others that share your interests.

Ask open ended questions to get the conversation started.

Always check your @ mentions and respond to people who are trying to connect with you.

Start conversations with people you’ve interacted with before to keep building the relationship. It shows you care and remember them.

Pitching and selling on twitter can be super smelly. Do you want to read a bunch of ads on twitter from people you do not know all the time? An occasional pimp is great to let folks know what you are up to. If all you do is spam, you are wasting your time and benefiting nobody. Stop being self serving and ask how you can serve others.

Another thing that stinks is DM’ing someone after they follow you and tell they to go check out a product or follow you here, there and everywhere. It is usually the quickest way to get someone to unfollow you.

You may be saying “I have nothing to tweet about.” Sure you do. Just be yourself, have fun and be entertaining. Twitter is like a gigantic cocktail party. Say hello to people and do not over-think it so much.

Tell jokes, share some of your favvy quotes, personal development tips & inspiration.

Share your story, some of what your up to, things you enjoy, so people can see your personality. Glimpses of the real you. Create curiosity.

Share and link to others people blogs, videos etc that you think others will find interesting and valuable.

Share some of your how-to’s and blog posts with helpful content.

Retweet others tweets that you love.

Remember, you do not want to be like everybody else. You need to step it up and just be you. Not everyone is going to like you or what you say and that is totally okay.


Happiness & Success,

Rhonda Leigh

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