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My 21 Day Feminine Grace Challenge

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Recently, I have found myself in a state of overwhelm, information & work overload. Which in turn has caused me to be irritable, frustrated and unhappy at times. Snapping at people, not getting anything done because I am trying to get EVERYTHING done. I have been neglecting my nutrition, exercise and sleep habits as well. All these things I know already but have somehow fallen off track and not been living to my fullest potential.

Starting tomorrow, I am getting back onto the path of find and living in my true, feminine grace.

For the next 21 days, I will challenging myself to re-align into feminine grace. As we grow, sometimes we need to make shifts in our lifestyle to accommodate the changes that are happening.

To cut down on the overload, I will be greatly cutting down my computer, T.V, and iPad time.

Cutting my work schedule down to 2 half days per week so that I can fulfill previous commitments.

Will only be talking on the phone to positive friends & family. No business talk.. no texting. I think texting has become a huge crutch in the way we communicate. It does have it’s benefits but is being greatly abused. I really know and have friends that will only communicate via text. So very unhealthy. No playing silly little games on the iPhone. Huge time waster.

Television – I am not really that bad when it comes to wasting a ton of time watching T.V but I am going to cut out the thrillers and scary flicks and opt for a comedy once, twice max per week. I do not do the news at all, however this past week in Colorado has been unusual with the house down the street in Castle Rock blowing up and the seriously disturbed, child killer on the loose. I did get sucked into the news. No more news for me.

iPad – 5 minutes max per day on twitter & Facebook.

My focus for the next 21 days is to get back in alignment with my feminine grace and for each person that will have different meanings and actions to take.

For myself-
Set Intentions
Be my best self
Focus on my positive energy
Stand tall
Treat Myself Daily
Get proper sleep
Eat healthy
Quiet Time – twice daily
Read non businessy books
Listen to Positive & Motivating audios
Dance to fun, Inspirational music
Listen to relaxing lounge music
Loads of Facials, Baths and other Girly things!
Burn my favorite Aromatherapy Candles.
Fresh Tea
LOL = Laugh out Loud
Date nights with the Hot Tub
Get outside and Breathe the Fresh Air
Positive Relationship building
Everyday Gratitude.
Being in the Moment

What things could you do to get out of overwhelm, technology and work overload?

Happiness & Success,

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