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Start Your Own Business Today With No Money

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Everyday single day, people are deciding to venture off and start their own business. People are craving more financial and personal freedom then ever before by doing something they are passionate about.

I have been have lots of discussions about this lately and finding out, that often people are putting this dream of theirs on hold because they believe it will take lots of money to start going. This however, is not entirely true. There are several things you can do right now to get your business moving forward today for very little, to no money at all.

I have come up with twelve ideas that you can start doing right now and I’m sure with a little brainstorming you can come up with even more ideas. However, these will get you moving forward now.

#1 You need your big idea – Write down your business idea and mission statement.

#2 Get your own domain name. These days hosting is incredibly cheap and can be found for five dollars a month or even less. Shop around and find a reliable host that best suits your needs.

#3 Join associates in your niche to network with. Really start getting out there and connecting with people. Not only is this one of the most important things you can start doing but it is fun too.

#4 Contact your local paper and other publications, let them know what your up to. You need to put yourself out there and start playing big.

#5 Start collecting testimonials right from the start. When clients email you praise, get permission to use it for your website, etc.

#6 Put your own name out there. It’s up to you to get out there everyday and talk about what your doing. A few ideas to get you going – newsletters, ezines, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, pinterest, online directories, and forums that are i your niche.

#7 Start building relationships. Use free online social media tools to build relationships and market yourself. With your main focus on relationship building.

#8 Look online for people hosting scholarship contests for events, seminars, and programs. Apply for them and see what happens, you have just as much chance at winning as anyone else.

#9 Write your own how-to guide or report that your niche would find extremely useful. Place it on Amazon for free and lead people back to your own website.

#10 Look on Craigslist for services or products you might need. You can find some quality people at good prices to get started. Some ideas might include – web design, virtual assistant, printing services, equipment if your a product based business.

#11 If you are in a product based business start small, with family and friends. Word of mouth spreads and is a great start for business growth. Great way to manage cost while the word is spreading.

#12 Swap out services for services. A few ideas might be web design, professional photography, PR services and legal advice. There are heaps of other businesses start out just like you that might be interested in what you have to offer. Do a little networking within your circle, you will be surprised that there is still plenty of wonderful people in the world who genuinely want to see you succeed.

So what you waiting for??

12 inexpensive and no cost ways to start your business today Start Your Biz Today Tips and tricks to start your very own business right now! "12 inexpensive and no cost ways to start your business today"
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