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Start Your Own Business Today With No Money

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Everyday single day, people are deciding to venture off and start their own business. People are craving more financial and personal freedom then ever before by doing something they are passionate about.

I have been have lots of discussions about this lately and finding out, that often people are putting this dream of theirs on hold because they believe it will take lots of money to start going. This however, is not entirely true. There are several things you can do right now to get your business moving forward today for very little, to no money at all.

I have come up with twelve ideas that you can start doing right now and I’m sure with a little brainstorming you can come up with even more ideas. However, these will get you moving forward now.

#1 You need your big idea – Write down your business idea and mission statement.

#2 Get your own domain name. These days hosting is incredibly cheap and can be found for five dollars a month or even less. Shop around and find a reliable host that best suits your needs.

#3 Join associates in your niche to network with. Really start getting out there and connecting with people. Not only is this one of the most important things you can start doing but it is fun too.

#4 Contact your local paper and other publications, let them know what your up to. You need to put yourself out there and start playing big.

#5 Start collecting testimonials right from the start. When clients email you praise, get permission to use it for your website, etc.

#6 Put your own name out there. It’s up to you to get out there everyday and talk about what your doing. A few ideas to get you going – newsletters, ezines, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, pinterest, online directories, and forums that are i your niche.

#7 Start building relationships. Use free online social media tools to build relationships and market yourself. With your main focus on relationship building.

#8 Look online for people hosting scholarship contests for events, seminars, and programs. Apply for them and see what happens, you have just as much chance at winning as anyone else.

#9 Write your own how-to guide or report that your niche would find extremely useful. Place it on Amazon for free and lead people back to your own website.

#10 Look on Craigslist for services or products you might need. You can find some quality people at good prices to get started. Some ideas might include – web design, virtual assistant, printing services, equipment if your a product based business.

#11 If you are in a product based business start small, with family and friends. Word of mouth spreads and is a great start for business growth. Great way to manage cost while the word is spreading.

#12 Swap out services for services. A few ideas might be web design, professional photography, PR services and legal advice. There are heaps of other businesses start out just like you that might be interested in what you have to offer. Do a little networking within your circle, you will be surprised that there is still plenty of wonderful people in the world who genuinely want to see you succeed.

So what you waiting for??

12 inexpensive and no cost ways to start your business today Start Your Biz Today Tips and tricks to start your very own business right now! "12 inexpensive and no cost ways to start your business today"

10 Ways to Beat the Isolation Blues

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Often when working from home or maybe you work out of your own office where human interaction is extinct, it is easy to fall into the isolation trap. From a business standpoint as well as personally. You do not have to go it alone! It is very important that you do not shut yourself off from the outside world.

Being alone all the time stifles creativity, creates loneliness that can lead to depression and all sorts of health problems.

I have put together my top 10 tricks to beat the isolation blues!

Get a mentor

Hire a personal or business coach

Have lunch or coffee with a friend or mentor

Work on a joint venture

Join a fitness club or hire a personal trainer

Get yourself an accountability partner to check in with on a daily basis

Go to networking events, seminars, workshops & join other organizations with likeminded peers

Get outside daily for some fresh air & sunshine. Even if it’s just a 10-15 minute walk.

Keep an active social life outside of your business. Go to parties and other social events, a retreat with a friend and of course family outing too.

My favorite thing to do when working from home – When you wake up in the morning, take a shower, get ready and dress like you are going to the office. Try it and you will see a HUGE shift in the way you work.

Taking action and actually doing these things will help you keep an outside perspective on life. Which in turn will help you remain creative and grow both professionally and personally.

Socialmedia and Skype are great to use when it’s impossible to get out. But nothing beats real world communication and human interaction.

Beat the Isolation Blues Listen to the audio How to conquer the isolation blues when you work from home. "Beat the Isolation Blues"

My 21 Day Feminine Grace Challenge

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Recently, I have found myself in a state of overwhelm, information & work overload. Which in turn has caused me to be irritable, frustrated and unhappy at times. Snapping at people, not getting anything done because I am trying to get EVERYTHING done. I have been neglecting my nutrition, exercise and sleep habits as well. All these things I know already but have somehow fallen off track and not been living to my fullest potential.

Starting tomorrow, I am getting back onto the path of find and living in my true, feminine grace.

For the next 21 days, I will challenging myself to re-align into feminine grace. As we grow, sometimes we need to make shifts in our lifestyle to accommodate the changes that are happening.

To cut down on the overload, I will be greatly cutting down my computer, T.V, and iPad time.

Cutting my work schedule down to 2 half days per week so that I can fulfill previous commitments.

Will only be talking on the phone to positive friends & family. No business talk.. no texting. I think texting has become a huge crutch in the way we communicate. It does have it’s benefits but is being greatly abused. I really know and have friends that will only communicate via text. So very unhealthy. No playing silly little games on the iPhone. Huge time waster.

Television – I am not really that bad when it comes to wasting a ton of time watching T.V but I am going to cut out the thrillers and scary flicks and opt for a comedy once, twice max per week. I do not do the news at all, however this past week in Colorado has been unusual with the house down the street in Castle Rock blowing up and the seriously disturbed, child killer on the loose. I did get sucked into the news. No more news for me.

iPad – 5 minutes max per day on twitter & Facebook.

My focus for the next 21 days is to get back in alignment with my feminine grace and for each person that will have different meanings and actions to take.

For myself-
Set Intentions
Be my best self
Focus on my positive energy
Stand tall
Treat Myself Daily
Get proper sleep
Eat healthy
Quiet Time – twice daily
Read non businessy books
Listen to Positive & Motivating audios
Dance to fun, Inspirational music
Listen to relaxing lounge music
Loads of Facials, Baths and other Girly things!
Burn my favorite Aromatherapy Candles.
Fresh Tea
LOL = Laugh out Loud
Date nights with the Hot Tub
Get outside and Breathe the Fresh Air
Positive Relationship building
Everyday Gratitude.
Being in the Moment

What things could you do to get out of overwhelm, technology and work overload?

Happiness & Success,

Mini Morning Meditation

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Happy Monday! You either love them or hate them. I love Mondays and look at it as a brand new week to create something new. It’s the beginning of your brand new weekly journey and you get to decide exactly how it’s going to be!

This little meditation can be practiced anywhere at anytime. Riding on the subway, in the shower, driving to work, taking the kids to school, exercising or my personal favorite, my morning walk.

If your Monday is off to a rocky start and you are having a hard time getting in the groove, try this quick little meditation.

Imagine exhaling all negativity and inhaling positive energy.

Inhale and allow yourself to fully breathing in your passion and persistence to prosper in all that you do.

Exhale with a feeling of releasing control, surrendering all negative self talk and beliefs.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

Are You Struggling With Negative Self-Talk

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Stop the crap talk and give yourself permission to be great.

You control how your day and life is going to be. You are the author of your own story. Is you yours a fairy tale or a horror story?

For most of us we have a crap ton of negative self talk buzzing around in our heads. Lately, I have been working on the power of positive self talk and have seen so many changes in my personal life as well as my business.

You see words have the power to make or break us, they totally control our life.

Conquering the negative head chatter – The second negative self talk begins grab a frying pan a give yourself one good whack over the head. Problem solved right?

No, just kidding! Do not do that. I’m sure it works but you will have a whole other set of problems to deal with. Concussion, headache from hell, medical bills, etc.

When the negative talk starts you have to catch it & immediately turn it around. One great way to get yourself started if to put a rubber-band around your wrist and snap it when the crappy self talk begins –

Example of turning the negative self talk around-

I hate Mondays – I love Mondays! I get to decide how awesome this week is going to be.

I feel tired and do not want to do anything – I got loads of energy, get up and dance.

I’m a complete failure – I rock everything I do!

I’m ugly, unattractive and fat – Damn, I’m smokin hot! Alternatively – I’ LOVE myself just the way I am.

Then there is all those what if’s chattering about.

So & so’s business is so much better than mine – I love my business and nobody does it better than me!

How about all those what if conversations swirling around in your head?

What if people think I’m dumb?
What if people make fun of me?
What if people do not like me?

It is going to take practice and work but the results will change your life.

Same goes with the way we interact with people in our daily lives. Remember the words you choose will greatly affect your relationships and the know, like, trust factor. You can chose to compliment or criticize. Inspire or discourage. Be thankful for someone or take them for granted. Make a friend or gain an enemy. The choice is yours.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

Smiles = Happiness and Success

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Smile! People love smiles, it gives them the warm fuzzies.
It says your confident. Smiling sells confidence and the person you are inside.

It changes your entire atmosphere, your body language, the tone in which your thinking and your ability in which you handle things. All huge factors in your business and personal life.

A smile also sparks curiosity in others. They wonder what you know and they don’t. Have you ever smiled and been asked, What’s going on? Why are you so happy? That’s the curious spark. It says, I know something that you do not or I have something that you do not.

People do not like to be around someone that always is frowning, down, negative and complaining. Why? It’s draining and brings you down. Bad juju that will rub off on you.
If you are one of those people. Stop now. Nobody wants to be around that.

People enjoy laughter and smiles and the want to be around others who exude that lifestyle and a smile definitely exudes it!

Smiling breaths new life into whatever you are doing and is so attractive to others.
It also makes you feel more attractive and let me tell you something, when you feel more attractive you look more attractive.

Do not wait for a cause to make you smile. Just smile. You have to be the cause and creator of situations. Walk into a room to change the room and not be changed by it. You establish the atmosphere, environment and ultimately the life you lead.

We are often lead by our feelings and emotions. It’s time to turn that around and lead our feelings. Smile, it contagious and changes everything.

When you wake up in the morning – smile.
When you are on the phone talking – smile.
When you are at the grocery store – smile.
When you are sitting at a traffic light – smile.

I want you to take a minute right now and smile. How do you feel?

Share your experiences in the comments below and if this resonated with you share with your friends. Let’s be the change in our own lives and smile.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

8 Obstacles That Will Kill Your Business

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8 of the top reasons you may not be moving forward in your business. It’s time to kick these bad habits.Start watching you and your business reach new levels. Thrive!

Fear – One of the main causes of fear is the fear of failure. The fear of failure often leaves us in a state of indifference, indecision & conservatism. When opting to stay within your comfort zone you playing it safe and letting fear win.

Contentment – Being satisfied with where you & your business are. Some people might consider this a great thing. I personally think it can hold you back from going even further. There is always things we can make better and take further. Growth is key.

Wasting Time – I do not know about you but when I am unfocused nothing gets done. Checking emails a gazillion times a day, messing around on Facebook all day long, tweeting up a storm. You get the picture. Wasting time leaves you zero room to try new things that will grow you & your business.

Outside Distractions – Falling into the never-ending pit of daily distractions. Phones, televisions, tablets, social media, etc. Distractions kill our creative workflow.

Overwhelm – This is a big one for many of us. Scheduling way to much on our task lists, working too many hours, saying yes when we really want & need to say no. Trying to get too much done and go on information overload mode. This stuff will frazzle your brain silly.

Close Mindedness – You got one way of thinking and its your way. That’s it period. No room for negotiations. Being close minded is just nasty. Especially when having discussions with your team or in the workplace. Close minded folks never go as far in business as those that have an open mind and listen. Listening is key.

Negativity – Negative people and situations leave our brain twisted in knots and put us in a fowl mood. We obviously cannot control the negative juju other people bring into our life. We can however, control how we react to it. If you choose to fed into it, your only hurting yourself & your business. Positive people & places are essential.

Perfectionism – Nobody is perfect! The clock is ticking & if you are always waiting for the perfect time, etc. to come along you could very well be killing your decision making ability and therefore giving your competitors the upper hand. Be the best you can be.

What obstacles are getting in the way of thriving your business?

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh

10 Great Content Ideas for your Articles, Blogs & Ezine

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Do you ever ask yourself, “how am I going to come up with fresh content?” Or have the dreaded writers block takeover and your wondering, “what in the heck am I going to write about?” Here is 10 content creation tips to get you moving.

1. Spend some time browsing through feedback and questions left in your comments or email. You will find a goldmine of ideas your readers will absolutely love. Do this frequently, jotting down your ideas onto your content task list.

2. Hot topics in your industry, what’s your take on it? What’s going on in your industry? Hot seminars, workshops and events your readers would like to hear about? Keep them in the know.

3. Review a favorite book, program or share some of your favorite resources that will be of interest and value to your peers.

4. Interview other people in your industry. Great for networking too.

5. Set up a special Q&A email addy. Encourage your readers to let you know what would be most helpful to them. Lots of gold nuggets can be found using this technique.

6. Visit LinkedIn Groups related to your industry. What questions are people asking?

7. Check out a few interesting podcasts and radio talk shows. What are they discussing and what is your take on it?

8. Write some tidbits about you and what you’re up to. You do not always want to talk about business related topics. Be entertaining, show your visitors you are actually a real person. Encourage your readers to share stories back. Engage. Build. Connect.

9. Write a How-To on something your industry would love to know. If your feeling a little more courageous get out the video camera and make a video. Let your personality shine.

10. How about starting a new weekly series on a topic that will have your visitors returning for more.

Happiness & Success,
Rhonda Leigh